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Friday, March 26, 2010
「 bouncing away 2:37 AM 」

Hello everyone! LONG LONG TIME NO SEE!! Hope the army guys are doing well and the rest are surviving uni :))

The longggggggg awaited class gathering is finally here! (Okie maybe 2 months later or something hahaha) Need help from you guys so that we can have at least 90% attendance from the class okie! Kindly let me/shuhui know your schedule in May (esp the medicine and army ppl). We are probably gonna organise a bbq session but we welcome you to give us recommendations la! hahaha maybe we all can go universal studio/resort world together etc etc. You name it, we try to make it happen haha.

Alright, thats all for the first post of 2010! Lets go back MAF this year again shall we? :) Tag at tagboard okie!

<3 Wei Ting

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Sunday, August 23, 2009
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HELLO GUYS! This is like the first post of the year or something. hahaha. our class blog is super dead, don't even noe if anyone still visits it once in a while..

Anyway crap aside, here to inform you guys about MAF this year! Mr Ng wants the whole class to go back this year!! I OSO WAN TO SEE YOU ALL! SO PPL, PLEASE KEEP THAT DAY FREE!!

Date: 19 Sept 2009/Saturday
Location: Central Plaza/Hall (if it rains but touchwood =x)
Time: 6:30pm
WHO: 07S78!! :))

If you guys are free, we can have a short gathering i.e meet up at island cremary to chill before heading to school for mass dances, songs, fireball, grand light-up, fountains etc etc :) WE MUST TAKE A LOT OF PHOTOS AND POST THEM ON THE BLOG TO REVIVE IT ABIT..


We should do a list of who goes where.. I shall start first so u guys edit after that.

Hannah - NUS Medicine
Rachel - NUS Business
Meijun - NUS Pharmacy
Yi Bing - NUS Medicine
Melissa - University of Queensland (Arts- Linguistics)
Olivia - NUS Science Food Science and Technology + Business
Phyllis - NUS FASS Economics + Business
Shannon - NUS Business
Shu Hui - NUS FASS Psychology
Wei TIng - NUS SDE Project and Facilities Management
Cheryl - NUS Pharmacy
Wu Dan - McGill University
Evelyn - SMU Economics

Derek - NUS BBA (Acc) + Masters of Science (Management)
Kevin -
Brian -
Sheng Heng -
Ryan -
Da Xian - NUS medicine
Sean -
Yu Guang - NUS medicine
Jeremy - NUS medicine
Kai Shan -
Jie Lun - NUS Pharmacy
Ming Han -

Yeah, don't really know what the guys are doing, other than those medicine ppl whom i bumped into when i go science for my stats lecture. haha.

OKIE THATS ALL! Shall post something again next time :) HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS AT MAF!!

And can u guys tag at the tagboard to show that u read this post? thanks!

Wei Ting :))

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Friday, October 31, 2008
「 bouncing away 10:26 PM 」



Hope everyone's still doing well mugging :)


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Friday, August 15, 2008
「 bouncing away 8:44 PM 」

Time for Wei Ting to post something on the blog! :D

We'll miss you YEW CHONG!
Thanks for the chocolates - it is really sweet of you!
Thanks for coming back to join us after you recovered - I BET YOU MISS US TOO! =P
Thanks for your concern for everyone in the class! - I think my urge to vomit after indoor rowing should leave quite an impact on you on your first day back in school in 2008! HAHA. O.o

And today's farewell party,
although i was kinda behaving like a angry, hungry [wo]men,
i felt really happy to see majority of us in the canteen!

Anyway, Best wishes Yew Chong!
Hope you like the Gerberras plant! (duno how to spell) - which Miss Shu Hui thought were SUNFLOWERS and Miss Yi Bing thought were DAISIES -__-"

Hope you would like your new class although it can't be as cool as 07S78 HOHOHO. Pictures say a thousand words so.. enjoy random stuff!


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Monday, August 4, 2008
「 bouncing away 10:19 PM 」


Im not sure if you guys still read the blog! but anyway, we're gonna do the video montage. this friday 8 aug, for graduation day! So we're gonna need as many photos as possible! Glam or unglam, pretty or ugly just send to me and I'll compile yeah :) And u can always send me any songs/music/video clips you want to use/include in the montage too. We welcome any ideas cus it's OUR montage afterall :)

Remember to send before 8 aug! THANKSSS :)

Meijunnnn :D:D

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Friday, August 1, 2008
「 bouncing away 9:02 PM 」


Just wondering about the video montage... So mj and evelyn are gonna make the video rite? Do we need to "decide" (i wonder how) how the video should go or the both of you want to just let your creative juices flow... Well, I did suggest a song for a start. So maybe you all want to suggest a BGM for starters?

Haha, okay, and here's oso a random reminder to the few readers of this exciting blog to send in the photos you all want to appear on the montage, which, if I'm not wrong, is send to meijun.


Mrs Chong's photocopier slave :P

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Friday, June 27, 2008
「 bouncing away 10:57 PM 」


not sure if anyone reads the blog or even bother to check it once in a while. anyway, all i wanted to say is:


only left with chem paper 1 and 2 which i heard are easier than chem paper 3! It's time for all of us to get our As, use the weekends to do more revision yeah :) I tink this is the only scorable subject for BT2 for me.. >< pathetic me!

ohh and thanks to whoever who brightens up my days for the past 1 week!

BRIAN INCLUDED! haha. jiayou man.. stop cursing me coz i am jinxed enough. ><

Oh well,

Wei Ting!

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