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Sunday, August 23, 2009
「 bouncing away 11:36 PM 」

HELLO GUYS! This is like the first post of the year or something. hahaha. our class blog is super dead, don't even noe if anyone still visits it once in a while..

Anyway crap aside, here to inform you guys about MAF this year! Mr Ng wants the whole class to go back this year!! I OSO WAN TO SEE YOU ALL! SO PPL, PLEASE KEEP THAT DAY FREE!!

Date: 19 Sept 2009/Saturday
Location: Central Plaza/Hall (if it rains but touchwood =x)
Time: 6:30pm
WHO: 07S78!! :))

If you guys are free, we can have a short gathering i.e meet up at island cremary to chill before heading to school for mass dances, songs, fireball, grand light-up, fountains etc etc :) WE MUST TAKE A LOT OF PHOTOS AND POST THEM ON THE BLOG TO REVIVE IT ABIT..


We should do a list of who goes where.. I shall start first so u guys edit after that.

Hannah - NUS Medicine
Rachel - NUS Business
Meijun - NUS Pharmacy
Yi Bing - NUS Medicine
Melissa - University of Queensland (Arts- Linguistics)
Olivia - NUS Science Food Science and Technology + Business
Phyllis - NUS FASS Economics + Business
Shannon - NUS Business
Shu Hui - NUS FASS Psychology
Wei TIng - NUS SDE Project and Facilities Management
Cheryl - NUS Pharmacy
Wu Dan - McGill University
Evelyn - SMU Economics

Derek - NUS BBA (Acc) + Masters of Science (Management)
Kevin -
Brian -
Sheng Heng -
Ryan -
Da Xian - NUS medicine
Sean -
Yu Guang - NUS medicine
Jeremy - NUS medicine
Kai Shan -
Jie Lun - NUS Pharmacy
Ming Han -

Yeah, don't really know what the guys are doing, other than those medicine ppl whom i bumped into when i go science for my stats lecture. haha.

OKIE THATS ALL! Shall post something again next time :) HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS AT MAF!!

And can u guys tag at the tagboard to show that u read this post? thanks!

Wei Ting :))

Bouncing bouncing bouncing... off, POOF! ^.^