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Saturday, May 3, 2008
「 bouncing away 11:57 AM 」

shall do abit of advertising here:


Proudly presented to you by HC BAND
30 May, 7.30pm, Victoria Concert Hall
Tickets at $10 (stall)/ $12 (circle)
(stall means first floor, circle is second floor)



Im helping YJC sell candies to raise fund for their ocip cambodia! (okay most of you prolly know by now) Here's a complete list of what they're selling:

Koala choc: 5 for $1
Crunchie: 5 for $1
Snickers: $6
Milkyway: $6
(I think the snickers & milkyway are the big big packs one, tt's why it's $6)
Belgian Seashells, Pralines, Caffe Latte $2.50 each
(Cocoa Tree sells this at $3.95!!)
Toblerone: $1.50
M&Ms Milk: $4.50
Starburst Sour Gummi: $3.50
Starburst Gummi Ringle: $3.50

Everything is directly from Cocoa Tree, so quality is guaranteed (: Prices are relatively cheap as well, considering that it's for fund raising! So hurrrryyyy place your orders now yeahhhh. Payment first preferred so I can pay my sister and you'll get ya candies within one or two days :D

Bouncing bouncing bouncing... off, POOF! ^.^