07S78-ade: Econs Holiday Homework
play around with the bounce circles. drag them round. jump on them. and more!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007
「 bouncing away 3:11 PM 」

Hey guys,

I've sent the econs homework to your emails, for those who do not have it. For those people who do not read the blog I hope they read their email.

This homework is supposed to prepare us for macroecons topics next year. So try to do now before school starts.

Cheers to those who don't read blog and email... :/

your econs rep

P.S. Here's my well wishes to Yew Chong on behalf of the class. Get well soon! Merry X'mas, Happy Boxing Day and a Happy New Year to you! ;)

Bouncing bouncing bouncing... off, POOF! ^.^