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Sunday, August 5, 2007
「 bouncing away 3:57 AM 」

ok since the blog is super dead now, i shall just post something random to liven up the blog alil -__-

so yeah ppl, we are gonna make chocolates on monday! pls bring ur bowl, rag, spoon and fork.. nt even sure if i got the utensils right.. hah, pls go check the EMB thank you :)

and wanna thank all who went ARES NIGHT :) although 07S78 kinda didn't really existed on that day, but i guess, those who went for wadever reasons, did enjoyed some parts of the night la, like the performance put up by MAD :P whoo hoo, too bad u all can't see me dance coz there are apparently insufficient ARES MAD guys to go around.. lol, ok sounds quite wrong =x anywayyz, let us put our hands together for..


great job yeah! it is just a pity that the crowd is rather un-enthu, but council made a lot of noise to support you guys! hahahahhaa. jiayou for NATIONAL DAY yeah! ARES shall rock our socks!

hmmm wad else..

oh yeah, lotsa tests coming up..
pls take good care of ur health okie! hopefully i didn't spread all the flu bugs to you guys..

ok i guess that's all from me! STAY HIGH YEAH!!

07S78 ROCKS! and ppl, pls be more enthu about school-related matters. be more sporty! ((:


Bouncing bouncing bouncing... off, POOF! ^.^