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Friday, June 29, 2007
「 bouncing away 10:22 PM 」

heyyyy! OMG block test ended and s78-aders survived!

well done ppl! :) ok. haha this post is rather random but still, would like to wish you guys a happy weekend!

rest well and have more slp yeah? drink more tonic and water!

anyway, is there any outing ah? can we have an outing? we all long time never go out together as a class alr la.. like not as close as last time alr.. cannot liddat leh.. :( yeah, my sec3/4 class super not bonded lor.. den today i go back speech day, damn jealous of other sec 4 classes.. everybody stayed on and chat and crap, one big grp of ppl.. den my class only got few souls there eating buffet. like very -____-" lah..

i really regretted not doing something to "save" my sec3/4 class..

yupp so i hope that we can continue to build up strong class bond! make 07s78 a part of you.. just like how much i <3333333 my sec1/2 class.. yup those who seen my old pencilcase and my msn nick will noe that i always put this: [ t w o . 5 i v e ` 0 f o u r ], it is not just random 4-digit number that i like.. 2504 is my sec 2 class (2/5) in year 2004.. ok i shao bao about my personal thingy here..

ok i shall end the emo-ness here.. hope that what i have mentioned means something to anyone who reads it..

-weiting, emokid

Bouncing bouncing bouncing... off, POOF! ^.^