07S78-ade: Shermy farewell dinner day
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
「 bouncing away 12:29 PM 」

hey peeps,

i took some not v. clear pics wif my N70 and since i dunno where the pics uploading site is, i'll just put some here. =) enjoy!

Some unglamourous photos:

Minghan's doing his thing


And it seems jielun wants to join in too! =)

"Weee!!! I'm so happy!" - jeeloon -.-"

Us slacking our butts off at Starbucks at Suntec:

I got kinda bored... but nice right! ^^
And later that night @ Siam Kitchen...

Imagine I said "Kevin looks like he just arrived from a desert."So now we understand why chem rep looks like tat XD

Okay, thats all for now, but will someone enlighten us on the URL of our class photo sharing site? Thanks.

econs rep

Bouncing bouncing bouncing... off, POOF! ^.^