07S78-ade: dance nite
play around with the bounce circles. drag them round. jump on them. and more!

Sunday, May 20, 2007
「 bouncing away 1:59 AM 」

yo yo yo ppl. i am finally back.

ok first of all, all i can say is: THANK YOU so much for coming down for dance nite! =D thanks for the encouragement and flowers and the "shuhui" song tat u guys sang to me tat nite. hmmmm. something like 2, 4, 6, 8, l-a-m-e-r, shuhui shuhui. something like tat. sry can't really rmb. hahaha. hope tat u guys enjoyed all the performances! =D

CLARICE IS DAMN HOT RITE. hahaha. she is super good. yay!

anyway, really damn tired. and hwchong got lotsa mosquitoes and insects tat bite. and have to wear until so revealing. RAR. got lotsa mosquito bites alr la. =(

ok finally, all the best for ppl who ran for fac comm! hahaha, will be discussing like on sunday.. =D

and, ppl pls study for upcoming chem test. u can't be as busy as me so pls, i expect everyone to score higher than me ok. hahahhaa =) JIAYOU BAH!

BAND PPL! ALL THE BEST FOR UR CONCERT! AS WELL AS CHERYL! good luck for guitar concert! =) hopefully i didn't miss anyone out. hahaha.

07s78 rawkz! <3333


Bouncing bouncing bouncing... off, POOF! ^.^