07S78-ade: change of fac princess!
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Thursday, April 19, 2007
「 bouncing away 8:11 PM 」

ok. so here to update!

RACHEL has accepted our request to be the fac princess nominee!! haha, sportyyyyyy! =))
yeah man, clap for our fac prince/princess for their enthusiasm and sportsmanship!!

it has been a busy week, but i believe next week will be busier, for me la. haha.
dun forget that we have a chem class test on monday! everyone pls study!! =))
bio and chem lecture tests are coming too, so if you have the time, MUG yeah!

ok enough of the academic details.

WHO'S GONNA COME DOWN TO SUPPORT MAD MODERN DANCE TMR?! RMB IT IS 5:00PM and 5:45PM, ATTEND EITHER ONE. yeahh, i can't really promise much, you have to be dere to judge for urself! haha, but i will put in my 100% =D

and ermm, dun expect too much gentleness from me in the dance. HAHA. you will noe wad i am toking abt if you attend the showcase at AUDI TMR. RMB IS THE AUDI! =))

btw, tmr u guys will be voting for the 34th Student Council's president! bring pen/pencil along for morning assembly yeah? try to spread the msg around.. =)) pls vote wisely, i am sure you guys noe wad to do. heh.

well, guess tats all for now.



Bouncing bouncing bouncing... off, POOF! ^.^