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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
「 bouncing away 6:24 PM 」

hellooo... everyone remember to bring $10 for chem notes fund...in addition to that..if u do not have the chem tys( the one which has a greenish-blue cover with pics of diff lab apparatus and one of which is a conical flask..=\.. the title is GCE 'A' levels examination questions by topics..sth like that...and it's published by dyna publisher)... everyone needs to buy this book..(Ralph, correct me if im wrong..=\)....so if u do not have this book...bring an additional $8.30 tmr...

Also...remember to do chem prac ws and submit to me preferrably by 1.30pm...

below are the impt dates in term 2(at least for chem):
We'll be having our Mock SPA Assessment
Skills B & C (1h 30min) in week 4...April 10 if im not mistaken...

ALSO....there will be a chem LECTURE TEST(45 mins) on 27/4(fri)..and the topics tested are(Trends in atomic & ionic radii & ionisation energy; Ideal gas; Chemical bonding)

AND AND AND....A-LEVEL SPA ASSESSMENT skills B & C 1hr 15mins!!!!!!!!!! week 8(i presume it will be on 8/5)

LASTLY....if u feel that all these are not exciting enuff...and have alrdy attained lvl 2 mugging and above...u might want to consider mugging for june BLOCK TEST<<<<<>

Topics for June Block Test:
1. Atoms, Molecules & Stoichiometry, including Redox Chemistry
2. Atomic & Electronic Structure including Periodic Trends
3. Ideal Gas
4. Chemical Bonding
5. Energetics & Thermodynamics
6. Reaction Kinetics


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