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Saturday, February 10, 2007
「 bouncing away 12:51 AM 」

Sighh ARES shld haf won BEST PLAY for dramafest! It was my fav out of the four plays larh. :(( Esp wif that gay person, so entertaining hahah! And their acting was great! Oh well, at least we got best ensemble, best supporting actors n best actor. Hope we haf earned enuf fac pts to b at least 2nd. GO ARES!

We really really need fac pts. :( Lets all win some during cny ok! And to start off we can all put in some effort for our class fac dance session on mon. Am sure our Ares fac dance will b a tough competition to Apollo's one! Jus that our people need to b more sporting in learning the dance moves. Will try my best too. And Wei Ting can help eh? XP


[Rachel Rawks]

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