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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
「 bouncing away 5:58 PM 」

WOOHOO ok I noe Im damn freakin slow, but our class blog is up eh! This itself is a cause for celebration. :D

*moment of fireworks in the bg*

Plus Ares fac music RAWKS big time! Shld put a vid of someone dancing to it, e.g Brian. :) And of course being the active blogger that I m, I shall participate actively here too. Whoawhoa CT rep got the honour of the first entry larh. Nicee but need more colours. Dun try asking me though, cos I suck at html stuff. Who noes we might jus win the blog comp lol. Come on pple, blog it!

Omg why do I sound so sh*t a** enthu. ><

[Rachel, Singapore's nxt president-in-the-making]

Bouncing bouncing bouncing... off, POOF! ^.^