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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
「 bouncing away 7:07 PM 」

Hiieee!! ^^

Our class blog like quite okay leh.. but can be better designed *yew chongggg!!*... haha.. Very lame I know.

By the way, did you know Ms Claire's intending to get married soon? Not sure if you guys know so I just posted class news here. (NB. Ms Claire, hope u don't mind me telling). HEHE...

I guess that we wanna win the class blog thingy, so yew chong pls work on it ya? JIA YOU!!!

Okies, thats about it.. I'm, mugging maths now btw (cuz i'm lousy at it...) :(

Your dear econs rep,

Bouncing bouncing bouncing... off, POOF! ^.^